About Pembawa Obor Indonesia


“Pembawa Obor” is an Indonesian term for Torchbearers.

Persekutuan Pembawa Obor Indonesia was established in 1985 as a non-denominational Christian ministry. We have become a partner for multiple church denominations and other Christian organizations in serving the Kingdom of God.

We are a member of Torchbearers International, a ministry of 25 centers around the world committed to sharing the Life of Christ.

Jimmy Kawilarang

Founder & National Director

Serving Lord Jesus Christ with Torchbearers in Indonesia since 1983, holding short Bible Schools in West Java, Central Java and East Java. Appointed as Torchbearers Indonesia national director in 1st August 1984. Graduated from School Of Leadership and Evangelism in Singapore. He gets acquainted with Torchbearers when he became a student at Capernwray Bible School England. He gets further training on Mission in All Nation Christian College in England and in World Relief Holistic Ministry in Thailand. Most of his ministry is equipping men and women from various church denominations at Torchbearers Centre, Pondok Kepenrey in West Java and other parts of Indonesia.

Pembawa Obor Indonesia Composition of the Foundation

Board of Directors

Jimmy Kawilarang Founder
Mande Kawilarang Founder
Oki Irawan Tjahjadi Supervisor
Tatang Lie Chairman
Benyamin (Beben) Secretary
Ng Bie Hiung Treasurer
Ferryana (Noni) Vice Treasurer
Mathius Dede Public Relations
Rachel Makarios Public Relations
Jan Engelbert Public Relations

Executive Board

Jimmy Kawilarang National Director
Rendy Tirtanadi Program Director
Yosua Astawadjaja Ministry Coordinator
Field Representative